Stop giving the writers so much shit. Okay, the story didn’t go how you wanted it or you just couldn’t make sense of it. From my point of view everything is making sense. It’s purely a perspective thing. Don’t say the writing is horrible and that another season shouldn’t even be attempted or stuff…

Then why, in episode 12 of season one, did Nice kneel down next to Moral (on Moral’sright side) to look at his dead body while in season two, he was kneeling down on Moral’s left, not looking at him or anywhere NEAR him? Why was the gun initially pressed directly to the back of Nice’s head in season one, while in season two it wasn’t?

Why was the meeting between Honey and Three inconsistent between the two seasons?

Why did Skill have the vest Nice was wearing in season one, a mole under eye, and look roughly the same age as Nice while in season two he had no mole, no vest, and looked way younger than both Nice and Art?

And then you have the whole issue of Nice being 178cm tall and Art was shown to be shorter in the character sheets, yet the staff then turned around later and listed him as the same height as Nice.

Sorry, but I can’t overlook things like this. The staff said they were going to lead us “gracefully” to the conclusion, season two has been anything BUT graceful. They also said Hajime was going to be a main protagonist, and that didn’t exactly happen until pretty much three or four episodes before season two was set to end. And even then, she was hardly a “main protagonist”, more of a plot device if anyhing.

Pardon me if I don’t respect the staff or believe what they say. As someone who does my own share of writing, and with a whole cast of characters that I’m working with, things like I mentioned above should not have happened if the staff thought this out carefully.


thebibi asked:

meeting at a masquerade ball, niceart

fabelyn answered:

Summary: I decided to cheat since ‘meeting’ doesnt have to mean ‘first meeting’. Set during Re: hamatora

Pairing: niceart, sort of

Rating: PG-13

Words: 683


It was everything he hated. Extremely rich and fake people, having fun being more fake than usual by hiding themselves behind disguises.

He’d have refused the job, but the pay was good and as Murasaki reminded him, they no longer had jobs from the police what with Art…no longer on friendly terms, so to speak.

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roirence asked:

Niceart sitting on the same park bench a

fabelyn answered:

Prompt: sitting on the same park bench au

Pairing: Niceart

Words: 1505

Rating: PG-13


Again the Inspector checked his watch before going back to intently sweeping his surroundings.

The park bench he sat on was uncomfortable, as it was away from any shade in the sweltering heat of early noon.

Still, Art had no intention of moving from his spot. At least not until he caught the serial killer.

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Speaking of Summer and sleepless nights… what do they wear when they go to sleep?

Nice : Pants | Murasaki : Cute pajama | Birthday : Nude | Ratio : Luxury pajama | Art : Tank Top

HigaP : Nice is pants and murasaki is pajama! he seems like he’d wear the cute type of a pajama…

They were talking really a lot D: Thank you for all the translations XD